Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MasChrist (MoreChrist)

I am a Christian. I share my Christian believes and values with my family and friends. I chose not to include my denomination because I don't want this to be about any thing else other then My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My intension is not to make any one angry nor take away anybody's traditions nor change your way of celebrating this Holliday season. My intention in a nut shell is to find out how many people really celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th. I know that there is not one specific nor clear date on the exact birth date of Jesus. There is a lot of speculation and information on the web that has Jesus birth date some where in the Fall or even some time in August. Again My purpose is not to get too technical on the actual date of Jesus birth. I am just suggesting to seek what you really celebrate on December 25th, is it The Birth of Jesus Christ or is it that you celebrate the fat guy in the Coke can outfit? 
I have asked my children to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by saying Mas-Christ (More-Christ) and that no longer associate Christmas, which in today's society is associated with Santa Claus most often. Again I don't want to get into the Christmas root word meaning nor the root origin of the word; there is way too much stuff out there and in no way or form I want to get into that either. All I suggest is for you to be honest, and if you are a Christian (Christ like), to share what does December 25th means to you. Please! don't make this space to argue Religion because that is not what I am trying to share here. Please keep focus on what as a Christian, you believe we should celebrate on this day, December 25th that's all.
If you think December 25th should be More about Christ (MasChrist, MoreChrist, please LIKE this and pass it on.) God Bless.
Please share, if you like, your favorite memory during this time of year that involved Christ, Family, or something special, Not the fat guy in the Coke can outfit.
Also if you like please share when did you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Have a very Marry MasChrist Holliday. MasChrist

Monday, December 6, 2010

Asking for Guidance

Over the last few months my life has been changed in so many ways. Over the course of about a year my family and I have experienced a roller-cost of emotions.  Some of the changes were hard to accept in the beginning, but as the time went by we have embraced the challenges and have experienced so many wonderful things. I had no idea that life could be so wonderful. The Joy in our hearts is a blessing on its own we were once missing out on.
Our current house is much smaller than the one we were in a little over a year ago. Although we had some very special memories in the old house, nothing can compare to home we have built in our new old house. I say now old house because we are back in the first house we bough several years ago. It a long story that perhaps I could share in the future.
Asking for guidance has been something I have done as long as I can remember. I can't say, that all that I have sought after have been answered but I know that in every direction life has carried me God has had his hand on.
I have not always enjoyed reading especially during promotional exams at work. The one good thing all that reading has done for me is that it has given me a perspective on a multitude of styles and ways people from all walks of life define leading or guiding. I have always tried to place my self in one of those boxes or styles but with little success. Only one way of leadership or should I say guidance way has finally make me feel like I can be me and do the things I have always felt in my heart I was created for in a way that feels my being with joy and gives me a sense of fulfillment and feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. I am referring the only and Ultimate Mentor Leader I have discovered in Jesus Christ.
I can honestly say that I am at the developing stages of my growth as a Christian, but I can tell you that it is an amazing feeling to know that my life, and the future of my family's life will no longer be without true guidance. I have seen the changes already made in our home. Each day is like flipping the page of the best book ever written and learning something new, a new joy a new adventure. What am I saying? I am turning the pages almost every day or at least hearing or talking about it. Like every great book some of the things I have read have only make me thirst for more something that I pray it never ends.
I am so grateful to my kids and the Christian folks in their life's that shared the Message with them and ultimately shared it with me. Thank you so very much. I can only pray that one day I can bring the same Joy to someone else that has not learn about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.