Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

So welcome to the jungle, a contrast purpose! this song has been so popular for a long time. It gives a very descriptive massage of the world we live in well the world that exist. what I can tell you is that that world is very real and it continues to grow at an alarming rate. Our young christian brothers and sisters are bombarded daily with all kinds of challenges to keep them strong in their faith. The contrast message and the one most peopel chose to over look is the one of "the jungle will bring you to your knees". Here is the question though, why must we be broken to be on our knees? why do we fade away, why do we lose so many young Christians fresh out of High school? why is the fate so water down, unfounded, so not solid? here is my though, " take two and call me in the morning" that is what we teach our young minds. We teach them how to cure a symptom, how to fix their problem, we offer them quick fixes and fail them in teaching them God. Teaching them His power, His Grace, His love, but most important we fail them to teach them He is God the Lord of all creation, the giver and taker of Life! There is not fear of God any more, we have dished out so much God is Love and graceful but not so much of How we still have to follow His commandments. People bank on their salvation but chose to reject the cost and the price that has been paid. We need to be on our knees daily praising God for His love and Grace and For demonstrating us how much He loves us through the horrible painful death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I think the cross is way too under played, the cross gives me hope, it gives me salvation and a new life. The cross should overshadow our every second  of the day. To live for Him is to have life, to live for me is to die for nothing. Just a though.