Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Call "I am My Brother's Keeper"

Christianity or what I have a strong conviction Christianity is has totally changed my life. I am the same imperfect man I was a few years ago but now I truly believe in an all knowing, all powerful, and one that is present everywhere God.  I truly believe He is the creator of all things living or non-living. I believe He created mankind for His pleasure and in His own image. I believe we all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23) but through Christ we can obtain righteousness and by the power of the Holy Spirit we can come to know Him. I trust we have some of the same characteristics as God. We are able to love, to care, to help one another, and perhaps act in anger or disappointment at times, but in the end, love is where we find Grace.

But think for a moment, what if the phone rings? Will you answer? And will you know if is for you? As I seat here prying for God to reveal His will for me and seek continued guidance and revelation of His purpose in my life; I can’t cease to wonder the lives I could affect. Could I be a stumbling block to others and keep them from His work, the work He has laid before them. Is the call for me? Or am I just a messenger.

 I have been involved with kids and youth for a few years now as a soccer coach and as a youth leader at our church. I have seen how in many situations we live our lives through our children. We drive them to accomplish the things we didn’t or feel we should have. We push and push, we mold and tweak, a little here and a little there to make them better, to accomplish more, but who’s more?  We plan ahead for their future, what school, what job, what passions, and sometimes even what their styles would be. Now don’t get me wrong it is good to guide our children, but do we guide or do we lead them. Do we mentor our children and sharpen their strength and passions? Or in them we forge our ways, do we come down to their level or in rare occasions up to their level? Do we look in their eyes and see what’s inside or do we go by what they give us, in their fear of bringing us disappointment. Although our intentions are without malice, but do we sow our passions in them, weather willingly or unwillingly? And if so, is that by God’s will?  Or do we become stumbling blocks for them? Just a thought.
I love my kids and I would give my life for then. So I do know and understand how an all loving righteous God would do the same for me. And even though I have failed my Father tremendously in more ways that I can imagine I now I can find Grace, Love, Peace and assurance in Him and through Christ I have obtain salvation and righteousness with my Father in heaven, and by the Power of the Holy Spirit I strive for sanctification.
And just like every one of my children is a priced position for me, so are we, children of the living God. In every child’s life lays hope, a hope for a better tomorrow for them and for the lives they will touch. Every child is someone’s treasure and for the ones, who are left behind and abandoned, well God has called you and me, so will you answer? In God’s eyes we are not different, and like with our children while in their pain, He too feels the same.
 “I am my Brother’s Keeper”, Ministry came about a Dream and Vision. A Vision of change, to set a new direction, to stake God’s Plan and Glory in the minds of the Guatemalan Youth” is a ministry that focuses on the growth in Christ for the Guatemalan youth. I am also convinced this ministry to be a purpose in my life at the moment.  Why Guatemala? We are commanded to love others as ourselves and to make disciples of all Nations. We have also the honor to be the home church of the Block family, a missionary family serving in Guatemala caring and providing for special needs orphans.  Support from our church body and every follower of Christ is imperative.

I strongly believe in the power and the benefits of good parenting and the value of good role models in our lives and of our children. Our Children will drive the direction for generations to come. It is what we seed and grow in them that will lead them in the right or even wrong paths of life. And in that same spirit, I trust a difference could be made in the future of the Guatemalan youth.
I strongly believe that God always raises people up for His will and purpose, and their life’s experiences good and bad serve their purpose in Him. Although I was brought up in a home with both parents, most of my childhood was very much absent of dad. Mom always tried to fill in the gaps and I always had my siblings to love and be loved by. The school of life has done a number on me. The absence of a strong direction or a go to person has allowed me to do most of my growing up on my own.
 A dear friend of mine, a remarkable young lady left a footprint in many lives in our community and our church. At such a young age she has embodied the image of Christ, a rare sight in today’s times. She was the first person that came to mind as I was trying to make sense of the “I am My Brother’s Keeper” Vision. She shared a tragic story about a boy that was shot at a gas station in an area they have been ministering. She shared that the boy was shot that same Sunday our pastor, preached about “Are you ready?” Being in the wrong place at wrong time. She went on to say that everyone was saying the boy was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. She marveled about the kid’s salvation, did he know Christ? Or was he just one of many lost lives found in the streets of Guatemala?

Although “I am My Brother’s Keeper” ministry continues to be a driving force in just about every decision I make in relation to youth and how I will serve God; I find my self at a cross roads. I know kids and youth will aways be part of my life, regales of location or medium to reach them. I feel strong in God’s plan and purpose for me, but I do know that His timing and mine are always in His control.