Saturday, June 23, 2012


Over the last few month my time has been divided in more ways that I can count. Lots has changed, home improvements and lots of repairs has created a distance in my personal time with God. In the past, as a youth leader a lot of my time was spent preparing for the lesson, man do I miss that. I feel strong on God's plan for me and even though I don't spend as much time with Him as I would love to; I still remain quiet hearing for His whisper. I got so much stuff I can blog about and talk about, but time and circumstance are not in my favor. So much I have learned over the last few weeks and month I suppose, but there is still more to come. What I can say is our God is amazing and all powerful, all knowing, His time and mine don't go on the same schedule. But my trust in Him is never ending, big words here. Trust! such a small word with so many implications. Without trust, time is of no meaning. Trust! Without it life is of no meaning void of hope and direction. Trust! without it our life time is of no meaning void of God and His Salvation. Time! is unforgiving

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